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what’s it all about?

Essential building work needed to deliver significant improvements to the physical learning and research environment in the Main Library will be starting in June 2011.  The University has made an initial commitment of £7 million to fund this first stage of a larger overall project.  This investment sits alongside a commitment to invest £4 million in Library collections over the next 4 years and £3 million to build a new Library store which was completed in the summer of 2010.  We expect the building work for this first stage of the project to be spread over 2 summer vacations, 2011 and 2012.

Key deliverables for this first stage of the project include:

  • Major improvements in the provision of heating, ventilation and lighting on all levels of the Library ensuring the building remains a comfortable place to work at all times of the year
  • Upgrading of furnishing and fittings including the replacement of the existing carpet.
  • More seating on all levels of the Library in a variety of layouts which will offer users more choice of study environment.  We expect to be able to deliver an additional 140 seats on level 2 with the potential of another 190 on the quiet levels 3 & 4, meeting both the needs of undergraduate students and post-graduates/researchers.
  • Re-siting of the entrance to the building to provide a more visible, welcoming entrance point and to facilitate a more flexible floor plan for level 2.
  • Provision of a café facility to allow easy access to a space where all users of the Library can take a break from their studies, purchase hot drinks and meet with friends and colleagues.
  • Provision of a number of bookable group study rooms.

In order to facilitate this work, we will need to move our Special Collections out of the Main Library to the University store.  We expect that Special Collections will remain in temporary accommodation for the next 3-5 years to give us time to raise the funds to build a properly designed, high quality facility.

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