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Don’t get left out!

Main Library Access Control Gate

Main Library Access Control Gate

The Main Library access control gates will soon be switched on. This will mean that all staff, students and other library members will be required to bring their staff, student or library card with them each time they visit the Main Library.


The gates will be operational from 8am on Monday 21st November 2011.


This important operational change will improve the safety and security of all Library users and staff and provide the Library with important management information that will help inform any future strategic decisions in relation to library service development and delivery.

What does this mean for me?

Library users will be required to scan the barcode of their library card over the sensor at the point of entry and exit. The Youtube video below, developed and posted by the University of Liverpool Library, explains how the gates operate. A strict no card, no access policy will be in force from Monday 21st November. Please remember to bring your staff, student or library card.

If any student, library member or staff member forgets to bring their card they will be granted a day pass on confirmation of identity and completion of a sign out sheet. A maximum of three day passes will be granted per user, per calendar year.

Any visitors to the Library will be granted day passes which must be signed for at the Welcome Desk and returned upon exit from the Main Library.

If you are not currently a member of the Library and wish to use the facilities please contact a member of staff or visit our website,, for more information about membership.

How can I prepare?

In advance of the go-live date all library users must ensure that worn, lost or stolen staff or student  ID cards are replaced. Please contact ID cards to arrange for a new card, Damaged cards are replaced free of charge, however there is an administrative charge of £15 for the replacement of lost or stolen cards.

When visiting the Library, in the interests of security and efficiency and to prevent delays at the entrance and exit, please have your card ready.

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