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Update on move of Special Collections – 14th March 2011

March 15, 2011

Here are the key points from last week’s decant activity (week commencing 7th March 2011):

Rare Books

  • Collections moved: St Andrews (completed), Low (started, completed), Macgillivray (started, completed), Librarians (started, completed)

Manuscripts and Muniments

  • Muniments stats: 1292 items re-shelved in new Store.
  • Manuscripts stats: 1240 items decanted (re-shelved) from Strong Room to the Archives Store.

Our decant status (as at 14th March 2011) and this week’s areas of focus:

Focus this week:

  • On-going preparatory work for Constantine and integration with their work flow. Constantine are currently decanting selected volumes from Stack 3.
  • On-going decant of rare books.
  • On-going decant of manuscripts and muniments.

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